Meet the Maker: Corey Jennings
Thursday, March 17 (2022)
SM CO x COREY JENNINGS CAPSULE COLLECTION A collection of everyday items to wear + wander with featuring the trippy cute illos of Portland, ME based artist Corey Jennings. Corey works his magic in the wide world of illustration, creating pieces that are simultaneously whimsical and pensive. We teamed up with Corey and made a limited run of super cool items — shirts + sweats, totes + water bottles, and of course the cutest raddest socks you’ll ever get your feet in!

This collection is the physical manifestation of a dream we've had for a while: to create capsule collections that give other artists a platform for expanding their reach to a new audience while simultaneously showcasing the kind of artwork that makes us feel good and happy to be around. We hope you’ll find some kind of connection with each piece and maybe even get comfy and slow down for a minute!
SM CO: Can you describe briefly who you are and what you create? 

CJ: I'm CJ! Government Name: Corey Jennings - born in Texas + living in Maine - trying to vehicle appropriately for the grand mystery we're all stumbling through and so far painting outside, drawing and making iron on t-shirts have made the most sense for communicating about it all >;+)
SM CO: What was your inspiration behind the illustrations for this collection? 

CJ: Standing outside at night when it's snowing,  heavy duty heavy quiet people-less environments that normally buzz - all exterior sounds muted or dampened at least! Lights outside shine brighter because of the snow piled everywhere and showcase familiar scenes with new quality. Fuck summer?! Long live the slow magic of short days. The thanks I give to the heat of my apartment and tea at night comes to mind...
SM CO: What’s your favorite way to recharge? 

CJ: The Kraft Of Recharging is Imperative! Of the upmost priority even.
Walk Walk Walk !! - no destination, no mind :) Maybe Tukey's bridge and back if wearing the right shoes? Music without voices singing - CHKP radio and Graffiti forever! Those are my go-to's.