Meet the Maker: Eric Meeker
Thursday, March 17 (2022)
Eric Meeker Exclusive Glassware at SM CO! 
Our local community is FULL of incredible + talented makers. This fall we introduced Eric Meeker into our shop, a glassblower who operates a studio with his partner Jessica Green here in downtown Troy.  At Superior you'll find some of his colorful drinking glasses as well as new + exclusive Eric Meeker x SM CO wine glasses with the cutest bubble stems + mix-matched glass colors, officially available for purchase online here! Although he specializes in glass blowing, he employs many other techniques to attain both his sculptural and design aesthetic. We asked Eric a few questions + were lucky enough to be invited to drop in to see a demo of how he creates his pieces. 
SM CO: Can you talk a little bit about who you are + what you create? 

EM: Yes, I am the child of a graphic designer and a concert pianist, born and raised in NY. I’ve only recently moved back to the state from rural North Carolina with my partner and 1 year old. I primarily focus on making things out of glass. Recently I've been working on a production line of cups and other objects, which is a departure from making sculpture but not a change in thinking/direction. I’ve always been interested in the provenance and lived experience of the things we use and surround ourselves with. Like, a set of stairs saddled from generations of feet, or the ring of scratches that the base of a cup might get from years of use, or the stain it might leave on your table.

SM CO: What are your creative aspirations for the next few months? 

EM: I'm planning on taking a little break from production to revisit some old ideas that got put on the back burner and check in on some new ideas that have been knocking around my head. My favorite part of creative work is the problem solving and experimenting, so I’m excited to make time in the new year for some scrutinized play.
SM CO: What's something that you do to stay inspired/spark inspiration? 

EM: My work has a deep connection to the lived experience, so everything I do tends to find a way to keep me thinking and inspired, whether that’s taking pictures, hanging with my family, cooking, riding my bike, or taking care of our sheep and tending to the land.

SM CO: One song you can’t stop listening to is:
EM: ‘Anybody’ by Burna Boy, it really gets my daughter grooving, and me too.